Simple Analytics Report Template

Hey all - I manage several social accounts for organizations and am wanting to prepare a general overview of some social metrics for them (Audience, content performance, etc.) Since we focus on membership and providing member resources, we don’t have any sales of products or services that we need to track. Our boards are more interested in reach and audience awareness.

Does anyone have a simple template or worksheet that they use that I can just plug some numbers into and it will display them in report form? I’m looking to create infographics or graphs for a more visual effect, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to and thought I would see if anyone else had a template already designed or know of a good resource for quick creation. Thanks!


@Analytics_Experts and @Agency @SpaceFriends can you help here?

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Are you using a scheduler for your social media posts? You can pull reports from those! (HINT: Using AgoraPulse makes this S-U-P-E-R easy!) It’s what I do and makes me look so smart! :wink:

If you are not using a scheduler, I would say a quick Google search will yield you what you need. For example, if you use Google Workspace, google ‘Google Workspace social media analytics template’. If you use microsoft, google that.


Hi :wave: we use a combination of AgoraPulse reports and custom Databoards from Databox. The AP reports are typically easier for clients to digest, however, the real quantitative marketing data nerds like myself really enjoy aggregating data from multiple sources and having it pull into the Databoards. Both those options offer scheduled report sends to yourself and clients.

If a service is not an option, I think pulling manual data based on key performance indicators or client goals and formatting it into a Google doc or slide deck template would suffice.

Keep rocking!


I just switched to Agorapulse and LOVE their reporting. But before that I was just creating them manually. I’m happy to confidentially share one of the reports I created for my clients if that’s helpful for you at all! I used to create them in Canva. Send me your email address and I’m happy to pass it along!


Look into Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) and the Supermetrics plugin for extracting social data and pushing it into useful dashboards. The challenge with social metrics is that it’s often unclear which ones organizations need in their dashboards.

Here’s the rule of thumb I use: what number(s) are you either getting a bonus for or getting fired for? Those belong on a dashboard.

If none of your social metrics will get you a bonus or get you fired, you don’t need a dashboard for them.


Hey there @info17 at Wholesome Media, we use Agorapulse to collect and pull all of our data, but then we put that data into a data report that has more of an aesthetic to send to clients. Here is what our data report looks like. If you want the raw file after looking it over, let me know, and I can send it over and you can brand it however you want.

Spine & Sport Data Report - September 2022.pdf (2.0 MB)


We do something very similar to what @linaburgjeremy is doing as well. Collect the data from Agorapulse reporting then add that to customized reporting for each client.


Like others here I use Agorapulse. I’m not a natural ‘numbers girl’ and I love that AP makes it so simple and easy to analyse client work … and also great for monitoring my own business social profiles.