Should you caption your Tiktok videos?

I believe Tiktok has had auto captions added onto videos for a while now. Yet I never saw them so I had to search to find how to turn them on. It was just this little “A” type button right above the Tiktok handle of the videos.

Thing is, I don’t think Tiktok turns on captions by default. So should you still put captions on your videos even though Tiktok already technically does auto captions?

You could be missing out on those people who watch without the volume on, or those that don’t know how to turn captions on. Especially for 1 on 1 talking videos where the main point of the video is educational and you’re just speaking. Or do you think putting captions on videos is a waste of the limited space? I would think it somewhat beneficial at least on talking head videos or videos where the visual is not the main point.

Wondering people’s thoughts.


Looking like we don’t have a lot of TikTok creators…or maybe we do??


We may have a good amount of people who manage Tiktok but don’t make the videos themselves :slight_smile: