Should nonprofits do short-form video? Check out Candid's experiement

Candid (Foundation Center and GuideStar combined) – they connect people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it.

They conducted a 3-month study to see if short-form videos would make a difference in engagement and follower growth while also looking at effect on staff time.

Interesting results…read below!

(image from the Candid blog)


really interesting article and I like that they are “candid” about their review. It is so true that it takes time to create video - even if you are not editing it or trying anything really fancy. I sometimes worry about the hours folks are putting in, more than likely way beyond paid hours in order to create and that is not good thing for health. Finding a balance is so important, or a way to create that is part of the day and doesnt interfere too much with the day to day.

This is an excellent eye-opener on why teams should have dedicated team members focused on videos (e.g., long-form and short-form) or set aside budgets for hiring freelancers.

I’ve seen an uptick in short-form video agencies in the last year.