Share your LinkedIn headline - if you need help improving yours...just ask!

Inspired by this article from @sarah2 I thought it would be cool to share our headlines!

Let’s “workshop” this too! If you want suggestions for improvement, let us know…I’m sure your fellow Space Friends will help!

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Here’s mine…needs some work! Open to suggestions

What I do
I juggle being a Community Manager at Agorapulse and Social Media Pulse and also owning my own marketing business where I help community-driven online business owners brainstorm, develop and evaluate ideas that create unique experiences designed to engage, grow, and WOW their communities.

Deb (Freeman) Mitchell

Community Manager at Agorapulse | Building Community•Creating WOW | Strategic Marketing Solutions: branding & social


I’m a gaming content creator, I enjoy tech as well. I’ve always enjoyed talking about the news in that industry and figured I’d try and build a personal brand on it in LinkedIn so my header right now is:

Keeping you updated on gaming and tech news! Helping moderate and grow gaming communities.

I want to pivot into working in the social media/community management space after doing everything on my own and with volunteer work in gaming communities. I’m not very good at hyping myself up. If anyone has advice (even just how to word this differently, better but saying the same thing) that would be great!

Whenever I sit down and have a chat with someone and talk about stuff I probably show off my skills better.


I recently changed mine. My ‘bread 7 butter’ is creating social media strategies - and then we get hired to implement. I am currently writing a book about Agile Marketing and my headline will change as it takes shape!



Bio Section: I get my best ideas under water! I love people, swimming, social media, and marketing. It’s not uncommon to be swimming a few miles and thinking about my next Instagram or Twitter post. I believe social media and digital marketing brings the world together and that the right message at the right time has the power to change the world. Let’s create content together that promotes positive change!

I have a strong passion for community building, social listening and community engagement across all social channels. I love and interact with internet culture daily and possess a deep understanding of how people digest and engage with social content. I have experience tracking and reporting metrics, creating data-driven content strategies, and managing a content publishing calendar with multi-level approvals.

When I am not working I spend time coaching swimming, helping in our local youth group, and hanging out with my beautiful wife, with whom I co-founded Wholesome Media.

Areas of Expertise: Community Building, Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok), Social Media Communications, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Advertising, Copywriting

I would love to know everyone’s thoughts!


I love this! For me it screams Social Media Pulse community which I guess is important for your full time job, but I don’t think that I would get that you are a business owner right off of the beginning of your LinkedIn.

Maybe after the . after “Building Community” I would put owner of Creating WOW. Just something that showcased you were a business owner on there.


Hey there! I wasn’t able to find your profile on LinkedIn.

Regarding your bio, I would make it more personable. Sure you enjoy gaming and tech news, but what kind of gaming and what type of tech news. I would also recommend using the short bio section to provide keywords of what you enjoy doing. It doesn’t always have to be a sentences.

Your in-depth information can be laid out in the “about” section. That is where you can give more detail and make that fun! I like swimming and use it as a means to getting into my creative vibes going and I incorporated that into my about area.

Regarding your personal brand and posting, I would ask @christine. However, my advice would be if you are better and talking about things then do some video content and post it. You can’t build any brand without posting. It’s hard but you have to get comfortable with posting your content. Just some of my thoughts! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice Jeremy!! I’m not sure how you searched my linkedin (if it was by the header or something) and it may sound weird but, great! (?)

I still have my gaming side and linkedin side separated. I felt like I took a “risk” making my LinkedIn more gaming based as it was always more business and boring. I gotta do some soul searching I suppose on what kind of tech news and what kind of gaming.

I pretty much range from talking about news of USB-C to graphics cards to Genshin Impact having remote malware potentials… :sweat_smile:

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I wear a LOT of different hats…tying them together is always a challenge!


I took my title out at one point and just listed “Earn trust. Work to keep it.”

Thought it would be to the point and possibly clever :crazy_face: – or maybe I just didn’t think through it enough at all – and then I noticed a corresponding nosedive in people viewing my profile and finding me in searches.

Because of course, right? Who searches for “Work to keep it”? :face_with_monocle:

Anyway, I re-added it and my views and search appearances jumped right back up:

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That’s interesting. Thanks for that insight Paul.

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No matter what my headline says I seem to get a ton of sales pitches from all types of coaches and people try to sell me LinkedIn automation services. Also I am in need of updating my header image as the book is now “mature”.


Christine your profile looks amazing. The red brand is what I remember when I first met you at SMMW. Well done!


Nice looking profile Eddie! Really stands out and the dark mode is killer.


Thank you so much @judihays