Share your favorite people to follow on Tiktok

Who is publishing killer content on TikTok? It can be a content creator, one of your clients, or even someone talking about marketing!

Don’t forget to tell us why they are a favorite!

Can’t wait to find new TikTok rockstars to follow…links will help us all…so feel free to drop them below!


Jordan Toma @imjustakidwithaniep
He is a youth motivational speaker

This was one of the first accounts I started following…and yes it’s probably because of what he says about Moms!

BUT from a social media manager’s interest…I think we can learn from him. He is NOT dancing, he is consistent, varies his location, sometimes has other people in them, and uses a simple black bar with white type title with no music or fancy bells and whistles.


Urban Tandoor @urbantandoorbristol
Indian restaurant in Bristol UK

Discovered them via someone who works for Nonsensical a TikTok agency in the UK
Here’s what he said about them

Of course, I had to go check out their format! They were fun…focused on staff and on point with what’s currently happening. Little focus on food.

SMM…you might use this approach for your clients!


@manu from Your Social Team
Instagram training and templates

Manu has contributed to our Camp Space Friend IG Reels so of course, she has an interesting TikTok account since she focuses a lot on short-form video.

SMM think this is an account you can get inspiration for your own biz!


Addison Jarman @addison.jarman
Shares $ Tips

Her approach to video is interesting. Does a lot of different scenes and green screen stuff…done well! Has a niche but does tons of different topics.

For an SMM I can see using this as an example for a client.


I don’t follow too many people on Tiktok to be honest!! I mainly just let the algorithm give me stuff.

But here are some:

UFD Tech:
He talks about tech news and gaming

Tiktok Tips:
This is the official Tiktok Tips account. So Tiktok is putting these out there to help creators with tips on how to use the app better.

Gaming and Tech but primarily audio, so I have listened to him a lot to better my audio. He is also into retro tech.

This is a software for freelancers to have a better workflow and organize their business

Samantha Anderl:
Shes one of the co-founders of MeetHarlow and she’ll drop her knowledge on freelancing out there :slight_smile:


Recommended by @jd1 during Office Hours

Coffee Guy on the East Coast


@jd1 accounts he runs


@dana2 mentioned these people in Office Hours

Dana’s account is


Interesting list from TikTok themselves…The Discover List: Meet the TikTok Creators of 2022


I try to find accounts that might inspire clients rather than myself.
So for tradies:
Rode give a lot of tips for microphones.
Zach King is highly creative.
Troy is a local guy - ex bikie turned gym owner who supports a lot of men with mental health issues, often who have been on the wrong side of the law. he does some great work.
and Jimmy Darts who finds people who are doing it hard but still find time to help others and makes their day
oh and for baking.


They’re brilliant and show you how you don’t need to overthink TikTok to be successful!


I did follow Rode - but that’s because I like their microphones lol. Although I don’t need any more microphones until this one fails…