Share your favorite people to follow on LinkedIn

Who is publishing killer content on LinkedIn? It can be a content creator, someone building community on LinkedIn, or even someone who always telling great stories!

Can’t wait to find new LinkedIn rockstars to follow…links will help us all here…so feel free to drop them below!


I love Mark Schaefer for his digital marketing insights

@judiwfox of course for value and fun

String Nguyen for community web3 and she’s just different

there’s so many but that’s a start. I follow people across so many areas of interest


Richard van der Blom is putting out some interesting content about using LinkedIn. He’ll have a piece in our LinkedIn Mission soon.

Plus, he is working on a LinkedIn Algorithm Report…which is coming out next week! That should be interesting reading! (will share in SPM when it gets published)


Brenda Meller will be publishing her #LinkedInRockstar list this month. Here’s the announcement. Brenda Meller 🥧 on LinkedIn: #LinkedInROCKSTARS #LinkedInTraining #LinkedInCoach | 170 comments

BTW she’s a great person to follow!

Here’s last year’s list: Brenda Meller 🥧 on LinkedIn: Meller Marketing LinkedIn ROCKSTAR trainers 11/6/21 | 135 comments


Great question to discover people to follow on LinkedIn.

Many great people have been mentioned already and wanted to mention a few more (too many to name):

Michelle Raymond and Michelle Griffin… they just launched “The LinkedIn Branding Book”.

Andy Crestodina has a great newsletter with 160K subscribers called “Digital Marketing Tips” -

Jake Poses and Daniel Roth are both great to follow since Jake is “Leading Product for Video, Creators, & Events at LinkedIn” and Daniel is Editor in Chief, VP at LinkedIn. I follow both of these accounts closely to get up to date announcements regarding LinkedIn products and events.

Thanks Social Media Pulse! :heart::fox_face: #foxrocks


Thank you thank you Fiona @communifi :blush::heart::fox_face: and agree with following Mark and String as they both have really good strategies and insights to check out. Honored to be on this list with them!


I follow several Dutch people - Richard van der Blom, Mieke Langenhuizen and Anneke van der Voort - all LinkedIn experts.

I also love and learn from @viveka especially since I lack in sales skills :sweat_smile:
My advice is to figure what you want to learn and stay on-trend for, and then find those people/experts on LinkedIn (if you are not sure!). In that trend… I follow a lot of people in the Agile Space! :wink:

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I have a lot of favorites that I like on LinkedIn right now! I am actually studying the platform and how people are creating on there. So, here are just a few of my favorites:

Ramli John
Lea Turner
Tommy Clark

What in the world is the Agile space lol?