Share Your 2023 Goals!

What are your goals?

What’s your plan to get there?

How can the SMP Community help you?

ps This post will be fantastic to reflect on later in 2023…promise we’ll come back and cheer on your progress!

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My goal for 2023 is to utilize most of the tools I purchased that are languishing on my hard drive. I’ve already clicked on them and categorized them by use-case; I don’t want to buy another tool I’ve already got! :woman_facepalming:t5:


Tool creep is real!! How have you thought about bringing in those tools into your workflow?

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For right now, Kaz, I think I did okay with just getting them organized using startme. That way, I could see their full view and not just bookmarks inside a folder I rarely clicked on.


That’s true, at least it’ll be more available to you that way. We tend to sometimes get the “out of sight, out of mind” even if we mean to use things!

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One of our top goals of every year is to add another $83,333 of monthly recurring revenue to the agency. For those scoring at home, that’s $1-Million in additional annual revenue.

Another big goal for 2023 is to be more active in local business circles. At the moment, we only have five clients (out of 34 overall clients) in Orlando where we’re based. I’ve joined the local Chamber of Commerce as well as other organizations around the greater Orlando area to get our name more synonymous with doing business in Orlando.

We’re going to be sponsoring several events throughout the year as well as myself speaking at many local events throughout 2023 in addition to already booked speaking engagements around the country.


One of my goals now is to build a more photography based instagram account in terms of pictures :slight_smile: and leave reels to gaming news


Our new agency is less than a year old and our goal is set at 350 to 400K GBP in revenue for 2022/23 (a hybrid calendar of sorts). Stating this here to help it be more real, we are going to niche down on food, beverage and fashion for purposeful businesses.

Our ask - We need help with any introductions to these type of companies looking to make their move on Amazon or other marketplaces:

  • Coffee companies
  • Speciality Food
  • Challenger Beverage companies
  • upstart ethical fashion brands

We want to have fun, like what we do and work with good people :slight_smile:

@deb I think I need to be reminded of the agency group/ any chats there… As mentioned, was a great agency day in August!


I think there’s an Agency Chat this Friday? @deb will know.

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Goodness. I’ve done something similar in the past - organizing all my tools like this and then seeing which ones are duplicating the same process and eliminating those. Truly - how many tools do you need/actually use for each section?

Smart move on the industry associations. Chambers are always a bit of a hit and miss … I think this is due to how people leverage the oppportunity. I think you have to make the time and you’ll see the rewards (you already know this …just talking out loud)

Do you follow AMI - Agency Management Institute

We are UK based so we joined BIMA (British Interactive Media Association). I know in the states they also have the American Marketing Association and a few other good ones.

We’re also looking into dipping our toes into the sponsorship waters.

Good luck with stuff @EddieGarrison - sounds like we should say hi sometime :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I really want to be more of a “name” locally with my agency. I am familiar with the A.M.I actually, yes. We’re already on-tap tp sponsor four events through Q2 of 2023, and I’m sure more will come around as the year progresses.