🎥 Sarah Kelsey on Building Organically

Sarah Kelsey

Sarah Kelsey of Rhinestone Lipgloss is a professional jewelry designer and bedazzler.

We caught up with Sarah at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked her how she built her business using organic social media.

Find Sarah at RhinestoneLipgloss.com.

I’m here to tell you, having work in 19 countries all over the world, that it works; organic social media absolutely is effective.

We built my business truly from the ground up and 100% organically because we didn’t have any money! There was no advertising budget; to this day—we’ve been in business for about seven years now—the only advertising we’ve spent money on are business cards from Vistaprint.

When I started my company I had $85, and that went to purchasing our vendors license and our first package of wholesale Swarovski crystal. I would build a pair of earrings and I would put a photo of those earrings on Facebook and Instagram and I would say, “Hey, we have these earrings and they’re X number of dollars.” Maybe two or three ladies would want them, so I would take all of their money and build their earrings and ship them out. I had a little bit of extra, and then maybe I’d buy a different color of crystal or a different size.

We make it a point, still, to this day—and I run all of the social media myself—to interact with every comment to make sure that if somebody asks a question, we get back to them. And the reason we’ve been successful building our brand organically on social media is because we’re constantly engaged. I am forever on my phone, commenting back, answering questions, interacting with potential clients, potential pageants, things like that. Because it’s free, right?

You have all these algorithms and all this crazy stuff that, as a business owner, I frankly just don’t have time for. We’re at just over 20,000 likes on Facebook and 11 and a half thousand likes on Instagram and it’s all been just completely natural.

Sarah Kelsey @sarahpyles00
Custom crystallization and rhinestone artist who loves to share her entrepreneurial journey on stage with others looking to make Monday as much fun as Friday!

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Love Sarah! It was great start following her content at #SMWL21 last year. She is also SO right. Organic social media STILL works and is effective. Also, if you don’t follow her company, you are missing out. Her content is awesome!


Somehow I missed meeting @sarahpyles00 at SMWL22 - what the heck?! I have been building brands organically now for 11+ years and yes, it takes time but it’s authentic and totally works! #patience


I loved your presentation!! I’ve been to the Netherlands and thought “I need to visit with her!” Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!!


We didn’t get to meet her when we were there, but she was on a panel and it was great. I need to meet you @dorien! I felt a huge connection when we did the table discussion last week. We both love organic!!! We should catch up soon.


Yes - let’s schedule a Zoom meeting. :slight_smile: We need to meet, for sure!


Oh yes! I plan to attend #SMWL23 net year - so maybe we can meet up then, if not before! Where have you visited in the Netherlands? What was your favorite part of visiting (food, people, places)