🎥 Rich Brooks on Uncovering Your Remarkability

Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is the president of flyte new media and also runs the Agents of Change digital marketing podcast and annual conference.

We caught up with Rich at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked him how we can uncover the remarkability within ourselves.

Find Rich at @TheRichBrooks on social media & check out the Agents of Change podcast.

I believe that everybody is remarkable.

And when I say “remarkable,” I mean that there’s something about them—or their company, or the way they approach a problem—that is worthy of being remarked upon.

When I work with clients to uncover what makes them remarkable, what makes them stand out online, I take them through The Remarkably Formula, which has four lenses:
Find, Focus, Forge, and Frame.

Find is something remarkable about you that already exists, you just need to identify and name it.

Focus is about niching down until you’re the only person offering a particular service to a specific audience.

In Forge, you’re actually creating something extrinsic to your offering that’s not necessarily required, but is in keeping with your mission and values; it could be an event, or an example I often use is Barilla Pasta creating Spotify playlists that are timed to make sure that your pasta comes out al dente.

Frame is where you come up with a new, powerful positioning for what you already offer .that resonates with your ideal customer.

If you go through those four lenses, I’m sure you’re going to uncover a lot of remarkability about you and your business.

Rich Brooks @rich
President of flyte new media (takeflyte.com). Founder of The Agents of Change conference

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