Revolutionize Your Email Marketing with This AI-Powered Subject Line Hack (Alan Martin)

Alan Martin

Do you want to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your email marketing with one tweak to what you are already doing?

One of our own Space Friends, @alan, a social media guy turned course launch coach shares a simple hack that you can do using ChatGPT and other AI Tools.

When it comes to email marketing, the quickest way to improve your performance is to increase your open rates!

So the three things that impact your open rates are:

  1. Time/Date sent - you need to make sure you are sending out your emails at the right time of the day and the right day of the week. And obviously, you can experiment over time; look at your data to improve that.

  2. Who it’s from - when you are sending it out, it needs to be from a recognizable source.

  3. Subject line - which is the topic of this video.

If you have already written the text of your email and you are now faced with coming up with a compelling subject line, here’s what I would recommend…

  1. Work on creating your email subject line first, so you write that first.

  2. Then go into ChatGPT and ask it to write a compelling subject line for the following email:

Then paste in the text of your email and press ‘Enter’ and ChatGPT will churn out a suggestion.

  1. If you don’t like what it comes up with you can ask it for another idea, or you can say something like ‘Give me 5 more ideas’ until you find at least one that you really like and that you think might work.

  2. Next you’ll want to AB Test the best subject line that ChatGPT has given you against your own subject line.

Note: Most email service providers will let you split test the subject lines, but that might be on a paid service, so you check the system that you are using that they allow for AB testing.

The benefit of AB testing your subject lines is that you’ll find the best-performing subject line that can improve the bottom-line performance of your email marketing!

Additionally, not only are you going to improve the performance of your emails, but because you are pitting yourself against the AI with your own subject line, you can learn and improve your own skills at the same time.

You will figure out what works best and you learn over time the subject lines that are working and you start improving your future subject lines as a result.

Now, I like to make this a fun little competition between myself and the AI. Every time I send out an email, I do this process, so my own email subject line vs. the AI, and we see who wins!

I don’t get hung up if the AI beats me on occasion because I know that it’s constantly going to be improving my business regardless, so I am happy either way.

Alan Martin @alan
Alan is the Managing Director and founder of social media training and coaching company Chat Marketing. He has over 20 years’ marketing experience and is in demand as a social media speaker and coach, having spoken alongside international brands such as Harley-Davidson, Volkswagen, and Zappos.

Alan currently helps business owners and marketers understand how to use social media and content marketing to win more business and become more profitable and regularly delivers workshops for Business Gateway.

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Have you experimented with AI helping you write your email subject lines yet? Which get better open rates? Yours or the AI version? Share your answer in the comments.:point_down:

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Hey @alan - GREAT process! I almost always ask for Subject Lines for my clients, but sadly I’ve never tried the A/B test you suggested. I think I’d lose every time - lol - but it would be fun to test it out!

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Thanks @phylliskhare! I don’t consider myself very good at writing compelling subject lines, so I don’t mind it when the AI beats me, but it’s making me a better copywriter because I can learn more about what works and what doesn’t with this little game.

Plus, I get a real sense of satisfaction when I win! Lol.


I always struggle with email newsletter subject lines. It’s the bit I dislike the most about producing my weekly newsletter for business owners. Although I’ve used ChatGPT to create some subject lines, I hadn’t included the text from the newsletter to help - good tip and about to try it out! Thanks @alan

Glad you found that tip useful @joanna1 and that was my situation too. I knew compelling subject lines were vitally important, but just struggled with inspiration. This way you can turn your own learing into a fun game and you are improving your open rates at the same time, so it’s a win-win.

Another tip for you would be to give ChatGBT some background information about what you do and who you help, within the chat.

ChatGBT actually learns from all the responses that you put in the chat, so you you could say something like “I am a freelance social media manager working with time-poor business owners who don’t have the time or the will to understand and keep up-to-date with all the latest social media developments and just want someone to manage it for them.”

Hit enter, then in the next command, ask it to come up with 5 subject lines for your email newsletter and the responses will be more specific.

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Another bonus tip for you is to say something like “write 5 compelling email subject lines in a click-bait style for the email below.”

I know click-bait has negative connotations, but that’s because with click-bait the content does not match the promise of the headline, but in this case ChatGBT will spit out some really compelling ideas for you, designed specifically to get someone to open the email.

Obviously you need to choose the subject lines that matches the content of the email, but even the exercise of doing this will give you loads of ideas that you can adapt if necessary.

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That’s a great prompt Alan!

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Thanks Joanna! I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with ChatGPT over the summer, as well as other AI tools, and I am just blown away by just how fast it has become an essential tool for me.

ChatGPT is literally one of the first websites that I open every day, when I switch on my computer.