Revenue-Generating Content (Jeremy Linaburg)

Jeremy Linaburg

Many content creators sacrifice quality for quantity when it comes to search engine rankings and optimization. As Social Media Today stated, “If you’re creating shallow content based purely on keyword matching, to rank in search, you may soon see a dip in your SERP rankings.”

While this quote mainly pertains to keywords and search, there is an important phrase in there. That phrase is, “Creating shallow content.”

I want to dive into a form of content that shouldn’t be shallow. It should be some of the most thought-out organic content that you create. This content form is called revenue-generating content.

To be clear, I am not talking about the ad creative you develop for your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok paid ad campaigns. I am talking about organic content that aims to drive revenue.

Let’s dive in!

There are three critical ingredients to revenue-generating content:

  1. Captivating visual
  2. Clear product/service offer
  3. Strong call to action

Here is what revenue-generating content is not:

Screen shot of an Instagram post from a radio station featuring a logo for a fish fry, a pig logo advertising BBQ & Brews, and a logo for the company Honeycar

Take a second to cover up the caption and think about what this photo tells you.

All I see is a fish, a pig, and a car.

This graphic isn’t a captivating visual and does a poor job of sparking interest in the product, service, or event. This graphic also shows you three different businesses but doesn’t explain or demonstrate the offer or how they pertain to each other.

Now, take a second to look at the caption. How does that make you feel? Does it encourage you to do anything?

The caption explains the post’s point well: “Win tickets for Concern Hotline’s Fish Fry and Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival Honeycar BBQ & Brews.” However, they don’t provide us with enough detail to enter their contest, which makes this a weak call to action.

As consumers, we want to know precisely how to enter most quickly. If you look at this caption, we don’t even know where the website link is. This contest doesn’t drive revenue because people don’t know where to get tickets or even register for the contest. It doesn’t have a clear offer or call to action.

Now that we have looked at a post that doesn’t provide a captivating visual, a clear product/service offer, or a solid call to action, let’s look at a piece of content that does drive revenue.

Coffee shops are my jam, and it just so happens that Summit Coffee Co. had a fantastic piece of content that popped through my Instagram feed that made me want to get some of their coffee.

Screen shot of an Instagram post with a soft field of color, some silhouettes of leaves, and the words, "hello, fall"

Take a few moments and look at this post.

How does it make you feel? What do you see? Does it make you want to take action?

The first thing that popped out to me when looking at this graphic was the colors—I was scrolling through quickly and I didn’t initially see the words, but the colors made me want to scroll back and read them (and also increased the view time, by the way!). The colors also provide a sense of calmness; it is a subtle but visually pleasing graphic.

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The other thing to note is that their message is clear: they focus on fall. They are welcoming the fall season into their Instagram feed.

Take a look at the caption. They are letting their community know they are finally launching their new fall #SeasonalMenu. What I love about this caption is that it clearly establishes their product offer while staying on theme with the graphic. They use the exact words in both the request and in the picture.

Lastly, this is an excellent piece of revenue-generating content because it tells people to “check out the menu & order ahead on the app.” It is giving them a direct action to take!

As social media managers, we must help our clients make more money. But we don’t want to shove “sell” content down our audience’s throats. We are in an era of people not wanting to be sold to: you don’t sell products, you sell solutions. This means that we need to find compelling ways to show that there is a problem/benefit relationship in order to make money.

Creating visually engaging content with a clear offer and a concise call to action is more likely to generate sales while not being pushy.

Jeremy Linaburg @linaburgjeremy
I get my best ideas underwater! I love people, swimming, social media, and marketing. It’s not uncommon to swim a few miles and think about my next Instagram or Twitter post. I believe social media and digital marketing bring the world together and that the right message at the right time has the power to change the world. Let’s create content together that promotes positive change!
I am passionate about community building, social listening, and community engagement across all social channels. I love and interact with the internet culture daily and possess a deep understanding of how people digest and engage with social content. I have experience tracking and reporting metrics, creating data-driven content strategies, and managing a content publishing calendar with multi-level approvals.
When I am not working, I spend time coaching swimming, helping in our local youth group, and hanging out with my beautiful wife, whom I co-founded Wholesome Media.

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Great examples @linaburgjeremy ! When content makes me stop scrolling, I either take a screenshot, or I save it to that platform (LI and FB mainly). When I need creative inspiration, I will scroll back through and try to identify what made me stop that first time. Thanks for breaking it down for us - it’s not always clear what we ‘see’ or ‘read’.