Revamp Your Social Media Marketing Proposals - Swipe Our Templates!

:writing_hand:Ready to write a :fire: social media marketing proposal that’ll have clients :star_struck:?

With our swipe templates below, you’ll be on your way in no time! Say :no_entry_sign: to the :cold_sweat: & :exploding_head: of writing from scratch, 'cause we’ve got your back :handshake:!

If you are NEW to being a social media manager, these templates can be a great start!

You can edit these templates to suit your needs with a potential client.

We’ve collected a few proposals to get you started.

Click on each of these, and since they are Google Docs, you’ll be automatically asked to copy the doc. Then make any adjustments needed.

Download the SIMPLE SAMPLE - Social Media Proposal
This template is good if you want to do social media and community management for several social platforms.

Download the SAMPLE - SERVICES ALA CART Proposal
This template is good if you want a more detailed proposal for several social platforms. Make sure you go over EACH line of this to adjust it for YOUR services.

Also, as a reminder, we suggest once you get your client’s signature on a proposal, that you send over a CONTRACT for your proposed work.

CHECK OUT our CONTRACT template and our video tutorial below and use that as a starting spot.

Do you have a great proposal template you’ve created for social media services? We’d love it if you share it! :arrow_down:

This is an excellent PITCH DECK template for social media agencies…seems to go hand in hand with proposals!