Response to Negative Feedback on your Ad

You have just launched your third ad for the month of July 2022 and you begin to see a negative pattern from the comment section below the ad. Now normally to see negative feedback, doesnt really borther you. But this pattern of negative comments are from the same individual everytime. The last two times they commented you let freedom ring, but this third time the comment has your blood racing, because you feel this is a common practice known as online picking. Do you A. bush it off again B. inbox the person C. Write a negaitve comment on one of their ads D. response to the comment in your ad? Please reply honestly, everyone shouldn’t have the same response. Thank you

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Any insights on @robinbuckley18’s ask here, @Facebook_Ads_Experts?


Hi, In my opinion, you have to use some judgement with regards to this.
First, I would never go with “c” - although this leads me to believe you know who this is…and know they are also advertising. Is this a competitor?
I think the best initial reaction is to reply to the comment. Responding, at least shows you are listening and trying to provide some sort of “resolution” or response.
If it is a down-right purposeful comment intended to harm your business, you can try to block or remove the comment, although this may just infuriate them, like they are to you.
There isn’t really a totally perfect way to deal with this but I’d go with first responding initially. If they continue, and depending on how the comment is presented I would proceed to consider blocking and removing.

So, respond first (in a nice way), then if it continues and is an unjust type of comment then considering blocking/banning.


Thank you Lowell Brown! There wasn’t a right or wrong answer is basically how you looked at it. I looked at it from every aspect you looked at it with every scenario what it could have possibly been if it were you, eliminated something else and that’s just what I wanted to get out of the topic. There’s so many different ways to solve things without hurting your brand or hurting someone else’s brand just a typical easy question and answer maybe that person got the wrong idea and was having a bad day and just implicated it wrong so thank you so much for replying