Reels for Product Shops (Deonnah Carolus)

Deonnah Carolus

If you have a product-based business and are still trying to wrap your mind around a strategy for Reels, you’re not alone.

Not everyone enjoys dancing, pointing, and performing for attention. Yes, you can be confident in the fact that you can still gain traction, visibility, and sales using Reels on Instagram, even without the theatrics. Keeping things simple, educational, and informative can be just as effective when it comes to your reels strategy.

Speaking of strategy, keep in mind that reels are a tool, not a marketing strategy on their own. Use them to mix things up in your Instagram strategy. Starting with just one Reel per week will help you manage your content, your sanity, and your marketing strategy.

So with this in mind, here are 5 reels ideas for your product-based business!

1. Pack an order–and show the process and special touches that go into the way you do it.

This simple Reel can be so effective in helping your community get an inside look at the care and attention to detail you put into your orders. You can see a sample of one of these kinds of reels here.

2. Behind the Scenes/Day in the Life

This BTS Reel by @northerntiesmn is short and simple by taking you through what she does throughout the day. You can take short clips of your routine, record what you’re making for lunch, how you relax, and what you do before bed. Take a look.

3. How It Started vs. How It’s Going

I LOVE this Reel from @pineapplebydbs! She made a reel highlighting different moments of her business journey that takes you through her perspective of owning her business and the steps she’s accomplished along the way. If you have an archive of highlight moments in your camera, this is a great way to share them and tell a story to your audience by sharing all the things you did to get to where you are now. Check it out.

4. Talk about something in the news that relates to your industry, niche, or products.

When it comes to creating this type of content, you want to keep it aligned with your brand and business. In other words, don’t just jump on a trend for the sake of doing so.

Here is a great example by Diff Eyewear for their #BreakTheBias campaign, an initiative to help women gain better access to healthcare, in partnership with Sightsavers. Check it out.

5. Create a holiday or seasonal reel

These are super simple and always an audience favorite. People are feeling festive and really love it when their favorite influencers and brands get in the holiday spirit. This goes for any holiday that is popular–Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas…you get the idea. Check out this reel from @loominescencehomedecor where she mixed in holiday content along with how to donate for a cause.

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@deonnah!! This gave some AWESOME inspiration for X-Stand. LOVE these ideas so much! Thanks for simplifying this and pulling it all together in a list for us.


@jencoleict thank you so much for reading it! Glad it was helpful :slight_smile: