🚨 Reels A/B testing is coming-- will you use this?

Meta is introducing a Reels A/B testing tool to help creators find what works best.

You’ll be able to test different captions and thumbnails on your mobile device to see what performs better.

  • You can test up to 4 different captions or thumbnails.

  • You’ll be able to see results in your professional dashboard

  • Meta will automatically display the winning variant unless you change it.

  • Coming…they will use AI to help you create different caption and thumbnail options.

What do you think? Will you use this? Will you charge your clients more for this?

h/t Facebook Newsroom – look here if you want to see action screenshots

I love this concept and will use it. I use Tubebuddy on YouTube which has a feature that allows you to A/B test in a similar fashion, and it has been immensely helpful. Will this be built into AgoraPulse?

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I will for sure be using this! As someone who is starting to create a lot more on Instagram and TikTok I want to find more effective way to determine what type of content my community enjoys and this is a great way. I wonder when this launches @deb?