Really good LinkedIn connection strategy! Personalized & Value First

I just connected with someone on LinkedIn who then responded with an 8-second voice memo just greeting me by name, letting me know he’s happy to connect, and wishing me a good weekend.

That took him 8 seconds (maybe 12, counting button-pressing)—and made a HUGE impression.

I had mentioned in my connection request that I was connecting with him because of a particular subject matter he’s an expert in, so he then asked what I most wanted to know about it so he could direct me to one of his YouTube videos that addressed that specific element (he’s got a lot of them).

Note that he did this AFTER the voice memo, and after I responded to it with appreciation, thus meaning we were officially in a two-way conversation now—he didn’t jump right into sending me to his YouTube channel, nor was the thing he sent me to generic. He knew it would take him just a moment of his time to direct me to a specific resource that would be of tremendous value to me personally, based on asking me what I most needed.

This is a win for both of us (I get help, he gets traffic). Which is what all networking should be.

What are some good — and BAD — LinkedIn introductions you’ve experienced from people?

Share, so we can all learn from them, and perhaps add them (or remove them!) from our personal tool kits!


The worst are the automated connections when they must use a program that picks some random word and then i get - i see you are also in the real estate space - and i’m like ummmm noooooo - delete

oh i see we both work in the (insert some random field not associated with my profile ) - delete

Hi i just wanted to connect to see if you want to buy … delete


The wooooorst!
Lots of accounts out there that clearly haven’t even begun to do the most basic act of ACTUALLY viewing my profile before trying to sell me things I obviously don’t need…

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I kinda connect to connect if I see they’re in the same space as me (video game space) not necessarily their jobs. :point_right: :point_left:

Nobody has been mean to me yet! They don’t always accept but a majority of them do! I then try to add value to their feed without asking anything.