🚨 Read about 30 brand interactions Twitter vs Threads

WOW…the Website Planet team did some major research. Check out this deep dive they did on 30 brands’ performance when posting on Threads vs Twitter with the launch of Threads. Love that they did a follow-up analysis 30 days later!

Might be some interesting take-aways to see what happens with your client accounts!

Highlights include:

  • More than half of the brands in this study lost followers on X , with TIME being the brand that lost the highest number of followers (29,219) in a month. Still, overall, brands collectively got 800,000+ more followers than they collectively lost.

  • All brands increased their following on Threads . On average, the brands we analyzed saw a 400% increase, with Wired boasting the biggest follower growth (going from 13,700 to 212,000 followers in just a month). As of August 2023, of the 30 brands we looked at, the one with the highest number of followers on Threads is still Netflix, which now has over 3 million followers — roughly three times more than it had last month.

  • User engagement decreased on Threads . Collectively, all 30 brands got 29,925 likes and 15,794 replies less than in the previous month.

  • Over 25% of the brands we analyzed changed their posting strategies : 6 (Decathlon UK, HBO, MailChimp, Netflix, Oreo, and The Washington Post) went from posting different content to posting the same on both platforms. However, 2 brands (RedBull and Vogue Magazine) did the opposite — they started posting something different.

  • RedBull stopped making simultaneous posts on both platforms . Not only is the brand posting different content on each, but it is also letting days go by in-between posts.

Here’s their follower growth after 1 month

Brands that posted the same content on both platforms

Brands that posted different content in similar timeframes on both platforms

Brands that posted different content in similar timeframes on both platforms

Interesting conclusions

  • When Website Planet first started this analysis, immediately after Threads started operations, they noticed that only 10 of the 30 brands we selected posted something unique on Threads. But, the vast majority of the posts generated significantly higher engagement on META’s new platform — no matter if the content itself was the same as on X.

  • Recently more brands started posting the same content on both platforms

  • Although all the brands they analyzed saw a significant increase in their number of followers, they also saw lower user engagement rates with their more recent posts.

What are you seeing with Threads? How are you posting? Different content? The same content?