Question: Analytics for Google Drive links?

Hello, Space Friends! Google has let me down, so I hope you won’t! Does anyone know how to track usage for PUBLIC Google Drive links? (i.e., if you offer someone a resource and want to track how many views, downloads, different IP addresses access it, etc.)??

A few more details:

  • Yes, I’ve considered redirect links through, etc. While that works great to track use of that specific link, once the browser redirects to the actual Google link, someone can share directly from that link and the chance to capture data gets lost.

  • I’m a big fan of Google docs since they are so accessible (almost everyone already has a Google account, it doesn’t require hard drive downloads etc.) But, if usage tracking like I want is not possible to do with Google Drive links, does anyone have a file sharing solution they love?? Tell me about analytics for Box or Amazon S3 or other tools.



Hey Ruth!

I don’t do any of this (yet), but I’ve googled some to see if I can help. Orangedox (while an interesting name) sounds like it has some features of what you want, independent of the links.

They say they can track even how long someone has been on a specific page of your document, which could give you great insights as to what is catching someone’s eye.

You also asked about Box, and this is a help link I found.

The one you probably want is " Tracking lifetime file activity via Content Insights".
This is what they track! Box begins accruing these statistics the moment the file was uploaded, recording every time someone:
-views the file
-comments on the file
-edits the file
-downloads the file

Unsure if that’s enough for you.

There’s also this interesting idea in Chron about using Google Analytics if you publish the Google Doc to your website. This one I’m a bit unsure of as I can’t visualize it as well, but there are steps provided. Not sure if this would track enough either as I’m not too well versed in Google Analytics.

Hope it helps!


Most DEFINITELY helps. This is great, @eternalkaz!!! I’m going to dive in and do a bit more research, and I’ll report back about what I learn and if we decide to adopt any of these solutions!


Excited to hear back and see how things went! :slight_smile:

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