Q4--When do you start planning for holiday content? [poll]

It’s Q4 and we’re on holiday countdown! When do you start planning your holiday content?

  • Planning is already underway…we work way ahead
  • We don’t change how we plan content just because the holidays are coming
  • We wait until the week before as usual
  • We don’t have a plan…we fly by the seat of our pants!
  • We plan a month ahead so we’ll start soon
  • We’ve got clients totally into holiday promotions so we are finished and have a complete plan!
  • What??? The holidays are coming?

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Definitely an interesting question. If ya’ll do one holiday, do you do them all? Do you pick and choose?Big vs small? And what would make them a specific size anyways? How could that look to some people?

I kind of do holiday content, but not really, mainly a not enough resources thing. But at the same time it would be silly to pass up on these major holidays, depending where you are located or if you’re international.