Q4 baby! What's 1 thing you want to accomplish to move you forward?

You’ve got 3 months! What’s one thing that you want to accomplish in your business or career that will move you forward?

Get ___ new clients?

Start at TikTok account?

Post yourself regularly on social?

Get a new job? (Hint: Look here for our curated jobs)

Level up your social media knowledge (Hint: take a Pulse Academy course)


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One major goal we strive to achieve each quarter is to add $6,000 of new revenue per quarter. That’s the one we really put the majority of our efforts behind.


Started blogging again

Aim is to hit 1k quality users per month by end of the year and and publish 600 articles in next 3 months :slight_smile: wish me luck.

Social media to be major driver of traffic, lets see how it goes!


feel free to add your blog link once you get things going!


What’s one big thing you’re planning to accomplish that?

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@deb We have a few clients that are a part of [insert industry organizations here] that always post their New Members. We target those new members with very specific email chains to get the ball rolling with how we’ve helped their “fellow members” with social media, etc.


Get on more podcasts to promote Instagram for Dummies, 2nd edition. If anyone is reading this and is looking for an Instagram expert for their show, hit me up!


Land on my feet job wise. Help my one client with the goals he has. (sometimes it takes him time to figure out what these goals are)

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We are midway…how is it going?

@bonnie how is the job thing going?
@coreycwalker have you been on any podcasts for the new book? When does it launch?
@digitalmoustacheinc how is the blog going?
@EddieGarrison any new revenue?

It’s not too late for you to add what your 1 thing is…

Hi Deb! Thanks for following up! Yes, I have either been live or have recorded 6 podcasts to promote the book in the last 2-3 weeks. I have a few more after Thanksgiving. Instagram for Dummies is available now for pre-order, but you can have it in hand by Dec 15 if ordered on Amazon.

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