Q: FB ads rejected for health policy - how to advertise?

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“So I need some guidance. I have a new client that is an esthetician. Small independent business. Facebook will not allow any ads that are before and afters, or anything focusing on a negative body part like a wrinkle. This was an ad we just tried to get approved and it was rejected on ‘health policy’. How does a business like this advertise?


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Working with advertisers in sensitive industries with FB, you must be careful about the keywords you use, and sometimes prices also make it more likely to be rejected.

I’ll often use pretty bland copy on the ads I know will be close. Then do some trial and error with what copy and imagery work.


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First, I’d recommend you are sure you have read and are up to date on the Facebook Advertising policies. These clearly outline what you should avoid and the best way to phrase or promote things in sensitive topics.

Rejections like this can definitely be related to text used in Headlines, ad copy, visual used in ad creative and text used on ad creative (note: sometimes your landing page can affect your “approval” too).

You can often still create advertisements for businesses like this successfully, you just have to phrase things in specific ways to adhere to the rules.
Often, the challenge can be that your client may direct you to structure your ads a certain way, as that may fly with the style of other advertisements they have or are running with. You may have to take a different approach.

Have you asked for a review of the rejected ad? Was it rejected a second time?
It might be a good idea to try to get on a support chat with a Facebook ads rep who can help point you in the right direction for your ad creative which can work…or to have your ad reviewed by a higher level of support for another look.

With the right creative and text - you shouldn’t have a problem,


The key for a business like this is to remain top of mind. You only have a small driving radius of an audience that could potentially visit this location. Saturate that area with ads and you don’t have to be specific about procedures or services. Just getting your name out there consistently and frequently is effective for this type of business. You can still talk about different services you offer paired with a non-procedure related picture.

For example, you could have a picture of sunglasses, flip flops and sunscreen on the beach with ad copy that speaks to “Fun in the sun Summer Facial Package is still on. Enjoy your Vitamin D and treat yourself to a first class facial to feel flawless when the sun goes down.”

Keeping the ad copy fun, upbeat, positive, not mentioning any negative problem or negative attributes, and use the image to support the feeling, not the service.

And I agree with @lowell 's advice. Read over the ad policies and look at the examples FB gives, specifically these ones:

Personal Attributes
Personal Health
Misleading Claims
Cosmetic Procedures and Wellness

And my other ace in the pocket tip is to find other similar businesses on Facebook and use the Facebook Ads Library to take a look at what ads they may be running for a reference point or for inspiration.


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