Pricing question

I feel like this is an area I always struggle with, so I’d love to get some thoughts from other social media agencies/managers in the group!

I have a client that I run all of their socials (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Shorts). I’m creating about 10 posts a week (7 reels and 3 image posts or carousels). They have video editors so right now my role is to coordinate with them to assign the videos for them to edit, then I review and provide change requests before getting the final version, writing a caption and then sending to my client for review.

Now, she’s asking that I start coordinating with the copywriters they are hiring to manage the scrip writing process where the copywriter will send script ideas & brief outline, I provide my feedback on which ones I think are good, my client has the final say, then I let the copywriters know which ones to write. Once they write the script, I go in and edit to optimize for hooks, tighten up language, etc. and then let my client know when they are ready for filming.

I’m currently charging $3,500 CAD per month (about $2650 USD) and am wondering if that’s an appropriate price? I’m mindful that they’re not in the best position financially so I think that might be impacting my decision-making here. I know their financial situation isn’t my issue, but I do want to keep them as a client because I love working on their content.

Would love any insight or advice!

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@Agency Space Friends…anyone have any pricing feedback they can share?

This is tough! Speaking from experience, these “small asks” can snowball and be really time-consuming! I suggest having a conversation with your client about additional fees. Working with other creatives for something out of your scope of work should definitely be priced accordingly. If social media is your thing, stick with that. If you like this director/editorial role, maybe open up that conversation. But this is too much for just someone who runs social!


Good clients are hard to find and if not managed properly they can begin to consume all of your time because you become friends and want to help them out.

All of these are good things most of the time. It really depends on your goals.

If you are hoping to scale your agency, then you must monitor deliverables very closely, meaning you have a change order process in place and when your client goes to far of the project scope line you zap them with a change order. That is a nice way of drawing a line and making them think about their request going forward.

If your goal is to have a few clients, make an honest living, then you can take on a few clients and make sure that none of them use more than 10-12 hours a week of your time. I would recommend charging at least 3k a month USD if you take this route.

To raise your prices, at the end of the year announce a 10% price increase to account for inflation, no one ever questions it, they understand it in this economy.

Hope it helps, if you have further questions, message me.


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