🎥 Pricing: How Much Should You Charge for Your Social Media Services

We get asked ALL the time…“How do I price my social media management services?” We’ve been advising social media managers for years and THIS post is going to be filled with all the resources you’ll need! :fire:

Are you confident that you’re charging the right amount for your social media services? You don’t want to leave money on the table or price yourself out of the market. That’s why we’re offering a FREE spreadsheet and resources designed to help you set the perfect price for your services.

With this tool, you can ensure that you’re maximizing your profits and delivering value to your clients. Don’t miss out on this opportunity - download the spreadsheet now and take your social media business to the next level!

Step #1: Watch our How Much to Charge overview video :arrow_down:

Step #2: Download the Resources mentioned in the videos :arrow_down:

DOWNLOAD: Social Media Pulse What to Charge Calculator

DOWNLOAD: Social Media Pulse Pricing Formula Guide

DOWNLOAD: Social Media Pulse How Much to Charge Worksheet

Step #3: Watch How to Determine Your Hourly Consulting Rate video :arrow_down:

Step #4: Watch How to Determine Your Hourly Task Rate video :arrow_down:

Step #5: Watch How to Determine Your Project Rate video :arrow_down:

Step #6: Watch Determining Your Retainer Fee video :arrow_down:

If you’d like to see additional training on this topic, watch our Office Hours, where Phyllis talks about Mastering Pricing Fundamentals: A Must-Have Skill for Social Media Managers


This is great!!!

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So excited to have taken this out of the Social Media Manager School / Pulse Academy vault!

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getting lots of great comments on this!