POV: Are you still using Twitter? What the heck are you calling it?

It’s crazy we keep needing to consider this. Many people have turned their backs on Twitter but so many are hanging on.

Think we can all admit Twitter is NOT what it once was before Elon took over. Sadly.

What are your current thoughts?

Are you personally using it?

Are your clients?

Have you changed how you are using it?

…and the big question…have you converted over to calling it X? Or are you still calling it Twitter? Or are calling it Twitter/X?

I use Twitter for some clients but not really for myself other than a news source.

I find it a great place to be for B2B or clients that serve professionals. There’s a wonderful camaraderie and supportive community.

Our presence is mainly sharing our informative blogs, news updates, and promoting services but mostly just getting to know our audience, creating a sense of community and being a friendly presence.

I still call it Twitter, X still feels weird…

I stopped being active on the platform last year and then fully deleted my profile in August 2023. I have not missed it one time. None of my clients use it either, so I am happy to say X is one less platform I have to be on. And to be honest, out of all the platforms, it was the least helpful. Sure there was a time I got loads of value out of it, but that time is long gone.

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