Post sharing/tagging etiquette

Curious on general protocol/etiquette for tagging different social pages and posting in groups. I manage social for some non-profit/organization groups and we have educational events that we would like to highlight and share via social to audiences that reach out farther than our current memberships.

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@info17 thanks for posting!! Great to see a new face!

I’ve worked with multiple non-profit groups as well as lots of local businesses over the years. For most events I try to stretch out the posts and create a whole campaign so tagging gets stretch out too. I usually tag “friends” of the organization…maybe board members or sponsors…related community groups where we’ve developed a relationship of support between the two groups. If the event is happening at a local venue…I’ll tag that. I’ll also thank people or businesses who have helped (food, beverage, music, party planning, auction donators, speakers, etc.) If it involves local schools, I’ll tag individual schools, as well as, the school district.

However, I don’t tag random totally related stuff. For example, I wouldn’t tag a restaurant next door to the event.

Looking forward to seeing what others have to add!