Poll: Whom do you connect with on LinkedIn? (ps the choices are funny)

Whom do you connect with on LinkedIn? Share why in the comments!

  • Have we met? If not, don’t hold your breath.
  • I’ll accept if you’re connected to someone I like, but I swear if you instantly send me a DM about your services…
  • If you’re in my industry, I’ll do you a solid and connect
  • Smash accept, no matter what – playing a volume game
  • I’m the one out there sending connection requests all day – I just sent one to you

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I send connections out pretty frequently. They don’t have to have anyone else in connection with me. They only need to be in similar industry and I have to believe they may get benefit out of connecting with me at some point. I don’t do pitches, and I don’t sell services, so sometimes I feel like conventional LinkedIn advice doesn’t fit me.

So it’s kind of a numbers game, but for the people?

I also sometimes accept invites from people outside of my sphere if I’m curious but usually doesn’t end that well. I also don’t get pitched a lot, no immediate DMs after connects, usually. But I try to look at their profile first if its a connect request.

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