Poll: How much time do you spend on TikTok?

  • I don’t want ticks.
  • I’ve got an account, but I’m not in there much.
  • I’m in, I like it, I’m not addicted to it.
  • Listen, what’s with the inquest? I’m not like … ok, a lot. I’m there all the time. Don’t tell my kids.

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Probably 2-5 hours a week total? I’m not sure haha, so far my phone thinks it’s been around 2ish hours this week. But that’s with me mathing it in my head. I haven’t gotten my weekly report.

If you have an android (at least samsung) there’s a digital wellbeing in your settings and you can see how much time you spend where :slight_smile:. Other cool things too like how many notifications you have gotten daily and same with phone unlocks. Crazy I’ve already unlocked my phone 100 times today (and seems to be around what I average!)

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Finding myself on there more and more for both client work and following trends
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As long as its giving ya good returns Peter!