Poll: How do you schedule client posts: not at all, daily, weekly, monthly?

  • I don’t schedule anything ahead…not a planner!
  • I schedule a few days ahead
  • I schedule weekly
  • I schedule a month’s worth of content at one time
  • I schedule and I post spur of the moment things

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Would love to hear details of how you plan your client content!

This is a super interesting question!

So for us, it depends on what the client wants. We have some clients that only want content built a week in advance. However, we have other clients that want it a month in advance.

As a social media agency, we prefer to have content created a month in advance so that we have time to adjust and community manage for our clients.

I would LOVE to know how other people go about this!


This is our basic process for scheduling customer’s content.

Content Calendar Development
Most of our plans include 15 posts per month, meaning every other day postings. We lay out a basic content calendar in this manner:

Monday - Product/Service
Tuesday - Blog Share
Wednesday - Product Video
So on & so on

Once the customer approves the calendar, we then begin to lay it out in a more detailed fashion with images, graphics, etc. If they are going to approve posts before they go out, we set everything up in Agorapulse for that to happen.

Content Creation & Scheduling
Monday’s are the day we create & schedule all the content. Either for the week (for most customers) are monthly (for only one actually). Posting times vary depending on the customer & platform. Scheduling weekly content allows us to free up more time for creation and the next step, community management.

Community Management
This is the fun part about social media management. Proactive community management is by far my favourite, as this IS what social media is to me. Engaging with other accounts/people on their content. It shows that we’re (our customers) aren’t just posting & ghosting, but we’re there to connect, teach & learn from one another. That drives the feeling of community & connection.


This is a great process and thank you so much for sharing. What is your favorite part in this process?

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My favourite part is the content creation based on analytics. I’m a HUGE data person so we make decisions based on that, not what’s “trendy”. That can play into the process, but I prefer to focus on what works for their audience that’s known through tracking the data & post performance.