Poll: Have you used Chat GPT or another AI tool for your social posts yet?

Have you used Chat GPT or another AI tool for your social posts yet?

  • AI? What’s that?
  • My clients would NEVER approve something AI…and they’ll be able to tell!
  • Yes…I’ve been getting great posts I’m using them all
  • Yes…but gotten nothing but trash!
  • Yes…totally helping the content creation workflow!
  • Yes…great for ideas but needs the human voice added

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I haven’t yet, I’ll probably use AI in the content creation side or idea generation and then run with that. Something like what Topaz Labs has built for photography, or the AI that Adobe uses for lightroom.

I feel like AI can be useful without you sounding the same as everyone else.


I’ve personally been doing deep dives into ChatGPT to better understand how we can leverage effectively and it’s already paying off dividends. Just today we were able to generate 15 social media posts for a brand we work with in about 60 seconds. Those responses from ChatGPT were then tweaked to adhere to their brand voice, proper CTA’s, etc.

So what normally may have taken several hours or even days, was cut down to under an hour overall for an entire month’s worth of content. From the copy stand point.


Yeah, Phyllis shared a reel about how people are leveraging ChatGPT to seriously cut down on time to create. Cool stuff! :slight_smile:

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Wondered if anyone else has thoughts on this now that a few months have passed! Personally I LOVE ChatGPT and use it daily!

I do use pretty much daily to hone a message and to explore ideas. I am hyperaware of some posts I see where the language just isn’t natural for that person. ChatGPT can use some very flowery “puff” in descriptions which just don’t flow right. It certainly does cut down time, but it’s just the beginning and what is happening outside of it is massive. AutoGPT is super powerful but does require some coding knowledge - waiting for someone to make an even better interface as I"m not great with Python! Where ChatGPT has to keep being given prompts, you keep interacting. AutoGPT comes up with its own prompts!!

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