Poll: Have you ever gotten a job from a LinkedIn job listing?

Poll: Have you ever gotten a job from a LinkedIn job listing?

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I don’t think so? But there’s always a first time!

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About 3 months ago, I actually applied to a marketing director position at a huge brand through LinkedIn. It was on a complete whim after seeing the remote work option and salary plus benefits.

I love my agency life, but some days you just want to walk away and do work for someone else instead of having to make decisions all day. It was my first time applying for anything in over 10 years.

It was a really good experience, though only the initial steps were on LinkedIn. It pretty quickly moved me to the brand’s hiring site.

When I see job listings on LinkedIn, I attach the idea that they’re looking for someone who is career or growth minded since the post is on a network- and career-driven platform. Whether that is a logical assumption is yet to be seen.


When applying in LinkedIn one good tip that I saw was that we should always apply in the company’s website. Sometimes you have “easy apply” on LinkedIn but I don’t think they vet if the job is still there or not?

I saw a job post on linkedin but when I checked their site careers it was not there?

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Can’t recall if I have, but I’ve hired tons of people via LI.

Typically you post on your company site, but hardly anyone is monitoring individual company sites for jobs. Popping it into LI is how you drive the applications en masse.

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That’s true, or maybe other sites like Monster (is that one still really working?) or Indeed or Ziprecruiter? Probably also have to remember to bring it down though, and I suppose they forget to except on their own site? :thinking: