Poll: Have you ever fired a client?

Have you ever fired a client?

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IF so…we’d love to hear why and how you did it! :axe:

There have been plenty of times I wanted to!

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I have fired a client. It was costing me money to spend so much time with this one client as she constantly wanted everything changed. Not only that but she called late at night and on weekends as well. She had no respect for my time. I could not keep doing that.

Another time, I had a client not pay me for services, and then they wanted my services back. They paid up quickly and we are working together cautiously again. The only reason I took them on is that they work for my biggest client.

It gets easier after you fire a client once. You realize how valuable your time is and that you get new clients with that new time who will pay you more and give you more respect that you deserve…


Wow those are some crazy stories! That no respect for my time is definitely a deal breaker. You’re right Lisa, we have to know our worth too! Firing a client at least once seems to be a step that will eventually happen in your career and have to be prepared for that.

I usually find a way to pass them on to someone more suitable for their needs. Unless they don’t pay, then they’re just gone.

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