{Poll} Do you work Fridays in the Summer or are you in vacation mode?

In the Summer do you work on Fridays?

  • Summer Fridays are for :palm_tree: and :tropical_drink: and :sunglasses:
  • Nope…still working :woman_technologist::technologist:t2:

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I keep intending to dedicate Friday to one particular project, yet I never seem to have my stuff together enough to get there! Sadly, summer won’t change this, and I’ll continue to try to give myself that singular Friday focus (which is a fun one).
And this summer I suspect I’ll be mainly working 7-3 on most days (instead of 9-5) so I can hit the pool club with the kids. :heart:

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At one of my agency jobs we did the “off on Fridays” idea…it was great! Such an awesome way to spend the summer.

For me now, I love taking Fridays off. I’m not doing the every Friday thing this summer though. I think I’ve got one Friday a month off. BUT I did slot every Friday in December off! :christmas_tree:

I generally don’t work Fridays, except I end up doing. Once the kids are off, though, there’s no way that’s possible.

Owning the agency has it’s benefits. I can choose to work what days and from where. If I want to not “work” on Tuesdays, I don’t. That goes for any other day of the week. Clients don’t care as long as the work is done. I have my schedules & systems in place to where I frontload a LOT of my weekly work on Mondays, providing me the freedom for other projects or enjoyment outside of the office when I want/need it.

This wasn’t done overnight by the way. It’s taken the better part of eight years to get to this point that I am happy with and can function within while still balancing work responsibilities and personal life. I’m probably also a bit more flexible than a lot of agency owners and/or social media professionals as it’s just my wife and I at home with our two dogs.

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I work half-days on Fridays for the agency that I work for, and then the rest of Friday’s I work on Social Media Day Wichita, articles for Social Media Pulse, managing my Agorapulse queue or any ongoing project that I have in the works. Strong time management is my friend.


Well it’s my winter when it’s your summer but I’ve been working a 4 day week for years - but it’s a tuesday i take off to have time with my grandkids. However the ability to be a digital nomad means i can take work with me and flex.

Long weekends are fun - but Friday or Monday I don’t mind !

I don’t take “Fridays” off… but I do work a 4 day week! it’s all about prioritizing and creating and trusting the systems you have in place.