>> Podcast Help Please <<

My client has been interviewed on various different audio platforms including spotify. He would like to house all of these recordings in one place - is this even possible and if so where, how?? I have no idea as I don’t have any experience in podcasts. Many thanks in anticipation. Rx

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Probably the best thing would be to get the original files from those that interviewed him and then if they want it for safekeeping, to put it on a drive.

I would think you’d want some sort of permission to host those podcasts somewhere, even if on your own website. As those who interviewed your client may not want a competing podcast from them saved elsewhere?

Hi @eternalkaz - it’s not for safekeeping, it’s to use as content, just like uploading video interviews onto YouTube. Would this equate to a competing podcast as it would be from various different podcasters and podcast platforms but all with the same person ie my client? Rx

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this is what I do - I have a YouTube PLAYLIST called something like “Interviews with Phyllis” and then HOPEFULLY everyone who has interviewed me on video or a podcast puts it on YouTube - then I just add that to MY playlist. Works great because you have a dedicated URL for this playlist and can share it around or embed it on the client’s website so people can see how good they are being interviewed.

Is this what you are hoping to set up @rachel1 ?

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You can always POST anybody’s YouTube video as a Community Post too

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Similarly to what @phylliskhare is saying, you can always share these podcasts to other platforms. I just wouldn’t save them personally and then go upload them somewhere else as if it was my own content.

If you have your own website you could link out to them as a hub for podcast episodes the client has been in.