🚨 Pinterest releases Pinterest Predicts Emerging Trends 2024 report

Use the Pinterest Predicts Emerging Trends 2024 report to help you identify not-yet-trending topics – great for when your clients think “you have a crystal ball.”

Deb’s POV…why does this matter?
These soon-to-be trends can help you position your client’s social media posts…for example…Pinterest predicts “groovy” weddings as a trend.

Knowing this can help position wedding-related businesses…I can see a restaurant or even a florist doing some posts that have a “groovy” feeling. I can also see those business owners NOT seeing the potential trend.

However…now…you are armed with this info and can help be sure their business and social media calendar is ready for this trend!

See any trends that you could share with your clients?

I think Pinterest is worthy of a revisit as far as B2B marketing. I’m looking forward to your summit next week

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Thanks @judihays It’s going to be really great!

I can see some beauty trends like adding bows to everything, big hair and groovy 70s being useful.

Also the scrappy, crafting trend for eco brands.

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I run a marketing membership and last week in my brainstorming meeting with my members I took each member’s business and we went through these trends one by one and found matchups for them. Not necessarily that they needed to make new products on these…but I suggested they use some of the trends as photo prompts in their social posts or even some language on their landing pages.

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Great idea to incorporate them into their copy on landing pages!

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