Pinterest: Gen Z's Shopping Powerhouse (Alex Kopytov)

Alex Kopytov

Looking to attract Gen Z shoppers? Pinterest is their playground.

According to TalkShoppe US, 85% of Gen Z surveyed stated Pinterest is the first place they go to plan a life event.

Pinterest is a search engine. It drives clear commercial intent traffic to your website from members looking for what you’re offering.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok where users scroll for entertainment and updates from friends and followers, Pinterest members actively search for the next item to try, wear, taste, and experience.

More than half of the platform’s users say they are there to shop, and the number of shoppers is increasing, especially among its Gen Z users, notably today’s 18-26 year olds.

Gen Z is growing 20% year-over-year and they’re the most active on the platform as well, engaging 2.4 times more per user than other generations.

Not only does Pinterest have its own core differentiators as a platform, but they’ve grown to a

highly valuable global audience with distinct strength from Gen Z.

At Pinterest Investor Day 2023, we learned that Gen Z is an emerging powerhouse on Pinterest, representing their most engaged and fastest-growing audience (42% of Monthly Active Users, to be precise).

The immediate and growing product market fit is due, in part, to Pinterest’s reputation as a positive environment where Gen Z users can envision their future lives. This positioning presents a significant opportunity for brands seeking to connect with a happier, new consumer base.

Pinterest is known as a positive social network inclusive of all personalities, genders, and communities. As a result, younger generations arrive in an optimistic, positive environment where they’re more likely to purchase over negative social media platforms.

Amongst the features bringing in the audience is Pinterest’s collage-maker app Shuffles, which climbed up the App Store’s Top Charts thanks to demand from Gen Z users who leverage the new creative expression tool to make, publish, and share visual content. These aesthetic collages are then set to music and posted to TikTok or shared privately with friends or with the broader Shuffles community.

Moreover, according to Vogue Business, Pinterest became Gen Z’s favourite inspiration source for fashion. Not only has Pinterest emerged as a surprise go-to fashion destination for Gen Z, but also as a trend-forecasting resource for brands and retailers.

“When Gen Z internet label Jaded London noticed Pinterest users were pinning 1990s photos of David and Victoria Beckham wearing baggy trousers, it decided to create a modern version. The brand’s ‘parachute pants’ went viral — Jaded has sold over 200,000 pairs since launch in 2022, worth £8.5 million in sales. The brand’s founders say its design team regularly check Pinterest to predict trends among the under 25s, drawing on its huge bank of nostalgic images from decades past”

So, how can you effectively attract Gen Z on Pinterest?

  • Create visually appealing pins that showcase your products
  • Experiment with different styles and formats to make your pins stand out
  • Use the Pinterest Trends tool to create tailored campaigns to their interests
  • Communicate with Pinners who have followed and saved your pins
  • Humanize your brand to build a strong relationship and increase engagements

Don’t forget to utilize video content. According to the Q4 2022 earnings report, nearly half of all new videos pinned were from Gen Z users.

Pinterest’s Idea Pins spotlight authentic content creators sharing their genuine passion for a wide variety of brands. In addition to Pinterest TV and endless live-stream shopping currently available, newly appointed CEO Bill Ready has plans to make every pin shoppable soon.

Pinterest wants to make its platform more commerce-focussed. Earlier this year, Pinterest signed a multiyear agreement with Amazon to enhance its shoppable content, a move that made Amazon Pinterest’s first third-party advertising partner.

Over the past year, Pinterest has introduced various ad formats, exceeding the total from the previous two years to enable brands to address various objectives, with a focus on lower-funnel marketing needs.

The aim is to boost Gen Z engagement further still and prove the value of Pinterest across the purchase journey to brands.

If you’re managing an ecom brand, or you’re an agency that handles other social media platforms except Pinterest, get ahead of your competitors and start your Pinterest Marketing Management today.

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Seize this opportunity to showcase your products, spark inspiration, and foster new transactions with the Gen Z demographic.

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