Photo Mode vs Video Mode on TikTok

Have you experimented with the modes when it comes to pictures only?

Picture mode would make sense but then you lose on “video views” stats, but does that matter? How is the video ranked then with photo mode? Wondering why Tiktok gives you a choice vs auto picking for you.

With the picture mode at the end the user can swipe to your profile vs video where they may not be tempted to swipe…wondering what ya’lls thoughts are.


So a few updates for ya’ll…

I ran a little experiment that put the same photos with pretty much the same description back to back with one as photo mode and the other as video mode.

It appears that photo mode does not show up on Tiktok on the website. As this pic shows, only the video shows up.


But it does show both on the app as shown below:

I know my following isn’t huge, but the amount of views are widely different. Over 10x the views. The likes on the videos are also not from the same people, so it was shown to different audiences.

Now, did tiktok figure out it was the same video with the same description? potentially. The first video in the screen shot did not start showing views until the previous photo mode basically reached its peak.

It’s only one test, but I may have done one in the past before as well. I think it would be beneficial if you’re doing photos only to keep it in photo mode vs video mode. An interesting add-on would be if i uploaded those pictures as a video in video mode and see what the algorithm thinks of it.


I really enjoy these “lab” type posts @eternalkaz@deb will love this too!


Thanks Phyllis! It’s always interesting to experiment and I noticed that little so I figured why not make a post about it detail :slight_smile:

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