🎥 Owen Hemsath on Videos That Get Seen

Owen Hemsath

Owen Hemsath, aka “Owen Video,” is an award-winning YouTube marketing coach.

We caught up with Owen at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked him how to actually get our videos seen on YouTube.

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How to get your video seen depends a lot on who you are as a personal brand or as a corporate brand.

Also—understand that what you’re hearing me say right now is true right now, but if you wait a year to implement this, there will be new trends and new tactics that you’ll need to be aware of.

But I’ll tell you, the short answer for what’s working right now on YouTube is this:

Picking up your mobile phone and shooting video.

That’s it. It’s as easy as that.

And here’s why: post-COVID, we are transitioning away from trust in institutions and big corporations. And so the polish that we’re used to seeing on YouTube needs to go away.

So whether you’re a brand, whether you’re a personal brand like a coach and you’re trying to build a company, you need to get really comfortable with video that’s shot off the cuff when you’re inspired with your mobile phone and publishing that, warts and all.

People will find you accessible, they’ll find you authentic, and they’ll find you real.

Am I saying you should not do produced? No; you should do well-produced videos if that works for you and as it fits your budget. But add into the mix more raw, authentic, real videos that cause people to go, “She’s a real person,” or, "He’s a real person, " and that will ingratiate them to your service, that will ingratiate them to you,
and build your following a lot faster than trying to make everything perfect.

Owen Hemsath @owen
Award Winning YouTube Strategist behind the Nations Most Visible Brands and Thought Leaders.

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I have done live on YouTube - I wonder if that’s what you consider ‘raw’ as well, or should I just take my phone and record and post? @owen what say you?