🚨 OpenAI transition and possible impact for social media marketing


Busy OpenAI day

A surprise announcement came from OpenAI as they announced a leadership transition. They fired Sam Altman and replaced him with CTO Mira Murati. On this news Greg Brockman quits.

Read about the potential impact for social media marketing here

What impact do you think it will have?

They’re already in talks to get him back lol

I don’t understand all the gossip on this haha. Can someone spill the tea?

My understanding is that Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI. Microsoft backs OpenAI, I believe they own like 50% of it. The board of directors of OpenAI ousted Sam Altman in some sort of coup, but then immediately regretted it.

Currently a good chunk if not all their employees have said that if Sam isn’t back as CEO by 5 pm (I forget when) then they will all leave with him. From what rumors I have heard it may have something to do with what GPT-5 is capable of. And whoever ousted Altman was trying to halt the progress of it.

Could we be reaching a point of no return with AI? Potentially. I had read recently one researcher expected us to reach the singularity (or AGI) (the point where AI can no longer be controlled by man and intelligence above humans) to be 2031. But speculations are saying what if GPT-5 has already potentially reached AGI.

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Ah I see. This makes total sense now. Thanks for clarifying! I was like what on earth is going on haha.

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Thank you for this breakdown! I had grabbed bits and pieces of information over the week and could see that there were safety and ethics concerns.