OMG the comments about the new LinkedIn laughing reaction have been so funny! Do you have it yet?

Does this make you happy?
Will you use it?
Does it belong on LinkedIn?
LI laughing


there’s always room for laughter in the world! :grinning:


Yes! It does make me happy! I also love how LinkedIn actually tells you what each emoji means. Does it belong? Absolutely! I know some think that LI is “just for business” stuff… but what is a good business without laughter?


Okay…I’ll tell the truth…I LOVE the icon and I really just wanted to see it show up in the photos for Social Media Pulse.

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It’s about time. I just used it Monday. I also like that LinkedIn Labels each emoji so we know it’s meaning.


Totally agree with you!!! It will be interesting to see how often people use it!


I’ve seen it a few times. I was just in a LinkedIn Mastermind group and we think it might have more people creating funny content. Time will tell.

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I noticed it for the first time today and I LOVE IT! Laughter has a place on every social media platform.

I just got it the other day…I’ve been waiting for this forever! Hooray…we can now be funny on LinkedIn. :wink:

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