OMG Facebook changes do my head in

Anyone else wish Facebook would hold more discussion and stop changing what isnt broken. Today with a client who had just been moved over to the new Facebook and I had previously given her instructions to add the chat popup to her website…well of course Facebook updated and nothing is in the same place… and Meta’s own information is not updated to show where things hide now. We found it eventually… but UGH. Of course we cant forget the old set up as some people are on the new and others on the old. There are just too many places to go. One business manager that includes creation etc would be so much better than having to navigate all around the place. I’m seriously thinking of starting a petition… (not joking!).


hate to tell you META does NOT care! Eventually, something will happen, and people will just stop going there. It’s super sad to have such chaos for us as social media managers and also for our clients and even users!

I LOVED Facebook! But I hate what I’m seeing right now, and it’s making me seriously consider how I spend my time…and I spend hours on Facebook!

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The “New Pages Experience” is making me want to leave the platform altogether for personal use.

Also, lots of features aren’t there anymore, which is making me crazy.

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It’s really frustrating. I used to love Facebook but it’s just crazy and really awkward when you have a client and cant find things! The insistence of using AI to drive content to us just doesn’t sit well with me. For a start any of us with multiple clients across many different industries confuse the heck out of the system. I get served all kinds of stuff not relevant to me personally because of the research I do and the pages I’m looking at for clients. These one size fits all approaches using AI just don’t cut it!

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:weary: I know Meta don’t give a hoot… or Mark doesnt…

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Yes, agreed! I don’t like having to switch for each page to manage them on the network. Thank goodness for Agorapulse where I can do a lot of it. But there are times I need to get in there and it is a time suck! Also noticed if you click on any links, you get a warning and then you get messages in email if people do click on them to let you know, why? Weird.


Glad I’m not the only one! Great to see you here @lisa3

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I don’t understand what you mean about the links, Lisa…can you please explain?