⏰ Office Hour: Why Relationship Building is VITAL for a Local Marketing Agency

Join us for the LIVE discussion, February 2, | 11 a.m. ET/ 4 p.m. GMT
Amy Morales and her local marketing agency are dedicated to helping small businesses in her community. She has created a number of effective methods for strengthening her client relationships in order to grow her business. If your agency is looking for ideas to build and maintain new client relationships, Amy will provide invaluable advice during this Office Hour Interview. Bring your questions for Amy.

Amy Morales @amykpsh of Kapeesh Marketing is a strategist, agency owner, and researcher passionate about breaking down barriers between complex marketing strategies and the pain points of rural business communities.

Can’t wait for this! @amykpsh knows local marketing!!!

This should have already started based on the times? I do not see it live?

Glad you are live now!

Great discussion!!! Thanks so much @amykpsh

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Groundhog Day must have scooped us up - as we had to start this twice. I’m sorry everyone missed the conversation @amykpsh and I had for 20 minutes, but we did capture some of that conversation in the part that DID get recorded. :slight_smile: WE are here to answer any questions you have on all the different things a local agency can put into play to build their business.

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This was a great time! Thank you so much for involving me, and I would love to continue the discussion here in the community. We got Punxsutawney Punked!