⏰ Office Hour: Tips for Writing for Social Media

Writing for social media can be a mystery. How long is too long? What voice and tone is right for your audience? In a video-driven market, do captions even matter? On this episode of Office Hour, Pulse Academy Director of Community Education Ruth Inman @ruthbinman chats with social media writers who know the art of writing meaningful prose for social media.

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Zach Yanowitz @zach is an editor, writer, and community manager. Coming from a background in creative writing and academia, he helps craft relevant and engaging content for nonprofits, consumer brands, B2B tech companies, and more.

Caroline Arendt @carolinearendt As a small business owner and social media-savvy digital marketer, no two days look the same for Caroline. After building a solid communications foundation in the Agricultural Communications program at Oklahoma State University, and a few years of experience with different agencies under her belt, she decided to take a leap of faith and open her own social media shop tailoring to rural and western clients. As the owner of Caroline Arendt Creative, she works with clients from coast to coast providing social media management services and content creation. Caroline is a big advocate of keeping social media social, and that the best content keeps that notion in mind.

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