⏰ Office Hour: Processes for tracking time (without multitasking!)

Join us for the LIVE discussion, January 5 | 11 a.m. ET/ 4 p.m. GMT
Managing multiple clients and responsibilities (without multitasking) and keeping your time tracked can be difficult! In our first episode of Office Hours for 2023, learn from Eric Elkins about the processes his agency uses to master this art.

Eric @eric is a strategist, author, professional speaker, and CEO of WideFoc.us Social Media, a Denver-based agency he founded in 2007. His team drives tangible results for B2B tech/SaaS companies, B2B consumer brands, the home services industry, nonprofits, and global corporations. For more than 25 years, Eric has helped companies grow their visibility and increase revenue. He writes the occasional novel, hosts Denver food faves at denverlicious.com, and loves to share his eating and travel adventures on Instagram as @ericelkins.


So ready to chat with you about this today, @eric!

For those joining us live or after the conversation, be sure to add your questions below!

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hey - I’ll be listening in from here and Youtube –

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The Harvest app they use at WideFoc.us: Harvest app they use at WideFoc.us: https://www.getharvest.com/

Asana: http://asana.com

Pomodoro: https://pomofocus.io/

Why this matters:

  1. You’re going to be more productive and less overwhelmed if you can map out your most important task for the day/week;
  2. You can’t get a real sense of your client capacity unless you track how long things really take
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Block out time for specific tasks (and don’t forget BREAKS!).
Actually put it in your calendar.

You don’t have to get fancy, you can just use Post-It notes and timers—what matters is finding a system that works for you and using it CONSISTENTLY!