⏰ Office Hour: Mastering Pricing Fundamentals a Must Have Skill for Social Media Managers

:alarm_clock: Office Hour Mar. 23 11am EST: Mastering Pricing Fundamentals: A Must-Have Skill for Social Media Managers

Are you guessing your way through pricing proposals? No need to. Here are four formulas to master to create successful pricing for your services. Phyllis will go through each one and you’ll see how they all work together. You’ll see how to figure out your hourly rate (and when never to use it), your Project Rate, and how to create a monthly retainer rate. Bring your questions!

Download the Resources mentioned in the training :arrow_down:

DOWNLOAD: Social Media Pulse What to Charge Calculator

DOWNLOAD: Social Media Pulse Pricing Formula Guide

DOWNLOAD: Social Media Pulse How Much to Charge Worksheet

We also have additional more formal pricing training here

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This is going to be a MUST-Watch training!