⏰ Office Hour: Insights into AI Tools for Social Media Managers PLUS Magai Tour

ChatGPT can’t out of the gate read a website. Things are cut off at Dec. 2021. So AI will confidently lie to you.

BUT with Magai — you can feed pasted URL links. Magai reads the text on the page. It will apply template.

See video…because this is awesome!

Magai has chat folders!!! You can even share with a team!

each brand get’s it’s own set of folders!

Magai is integrated with image generator…DALL·E l and Dustin is working on another one.

One of the best ways to generate ideas is to say
you are my target audience what do you struggle with daily.
You are a single mom who ____, _____, _____
Tell me what you deal with on a daily basis.
What makes you laugh?

Claude made by Anthropic is coming to Magai

So fast compared to GPT4

You will be able to export Magai content into different formats

How do I purchase it?

how do i purchase it?

Use the link above