⏰ Office Hour: Fill Your Sales Funnel Using LinkedIn

Join us for the LIVE discussion, November 10 | 11 a.m. ET/ 3 p.m. GMT
Most people use LinkedIn for personal branding, thought leadership, or to connect professionally, which all are good uses of the platform. However, you also can use LinkedIn as a sales funnel!

As part of our LinkedIn Mission this month, Ruth will be joined for Office Hour by LinkedIn expert Beth Granger to learn how to fill your sales funnel using LinkedIn!

Beth Granger @beth is a trainer, consultant, and speaker who works with organizations and individuals who want to unleash the power of LinkedIn and networking. Her clients call her part friend, part consultant, part confidante, a sales enabler, and a LinkedIn oracle. Beth also is an Exactly What to Say™ Certified Guide, working with people to succeed during critical conversations. Beth says that after the past few years she is going to add haircutting and puzzle-doing as skills on her profile!


Looking forward to this!


Me too! Taking LinkedIn to the next level is so hard for a lot of people, and I can’t wait to hear your tips!

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Use LinkedIn

Share your thought leadership

Search for your ideal prospect or referral partner


To find SMM clients

Find people in your geographic area you already know and network with them

Share content – issue or something locally important-- talk about those issues

Search by zipcode or town

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LinkedIn with business pages…

Harder with Business Pages…
you can engage with content as page
get your employees to share and engage with business content

every month you get 250 invitations to follow you page—use them


Nurturing relationships before selling:

some people do sell directly on LI, but it takes time

sharing info is NOT selling…it’s offering them something they might be interested in

Events…info…ask questions…engage in their content

It’s more prospecting and getting to know people and then moving the conversation off line.

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Direct messages can work–not the icky type!

nuture relationship
lean on your referral partners
research and search for people

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how to send connection request to start relationship

in-person…feels natural

meeting on LI for the first time—need to have a conversation first.
engage in their content! Make a comment…then ask a question! Most of the time they answer back

“Thanks for answering my question about xyz…would love to connect!”

if you have a connection…ask for an introduction

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systems–processes to stay organized

if you need 10 new clients vs 1000s of clients you work differently

LI does connect to CRMS or use Sales Navigator

Spreadsheets work too!

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For more engagement on LI Live…you need to ask for it!


Lots of ways to build community

LI Audio events
group chats



All Filters

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Personal content…not private content BUT relate it back to business. Do it authentically.

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Check this article for details on Sales Navigator


Yuppers - The nice thing is that you can get up to 250 and then when people accept, the invites get replenished.

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Really great recap Deb! Captured most of what I remember hearing.

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Beth is awesome!! She is also very generous with her time. Had a call with her about a year ago now.