⏰ Office Hour: Authors' Panel

OMG, Fiona—that is so cool that you’re collaborating with Mark! Love that! :heart: Can’t wait to read it, especially since yours is on Community!
(We have a piece from Mark on Community coming to Social Media Pulse next month…and one from YOU as well! Smarties at the party!)


I loved being part of this panel! So many great insights and similar experiences. It was nice meeting/re-connecting with all of you!


Hahaha Can confirm. :heart: :hibiscus:

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Fantastic! Loved it! Cheers, Jon

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Still feeling the GLOW from this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: - I wish we all lived closer so we could go hangout somewhere together.

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That would be so fun. I’m in SD in March though! And SMWL in June!

Sorry I didn’t get back to this. I’m very invested in researching all about AI. Books are already being written. I think you can input your ideas and see whether AI gives you some other perspectives, but at this stage AI can’t “think” - it only can analyse the words you give it and from its massive database supply an answer that it computes as making sense for what was asked. We still need thought leadership as I think i mentioned in my roundup (or maybe we ran out of time for that). For free downloads and simple guides I think it already is very useful, but I hope that books are not churned out without research. I believe that publishing houses may be able to reinvent themselves by become known for quality over quantity, as AI is sure pushing the quantity button right now.

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To create short videos with everyone’s wisdom is going to take some time! There were so many moments of gold during this panel discussion. I also want JUST a video of us all laughing. Much needed these days. :slight_smile: