⏰ Office Hour: A system for attracting clients using LinkedIn

Join us for the LIVE discussion, November 17 | 11 a.m. ET/ 3 p.m. GMT
When trying a new strategy, it helps to have an outline of tangible, specific steps and advice to follow. In this week’s edition of Office Hour, that’s exactly what you’ll get! Ruth will be joined by Alan Martin, founder and managing director of Chat Marketing, a firm that specializes in helping business owners attract more clients using LinkedIn.

Alan @alan has more than 20 years experience in marketing and is in demand as a social media speaker and coach, having spoken alongside international brands such as Harley Davidson, Volkswagen and Zappos.


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@Agency Space Friends…if you are looking for new clients @alan has a great process! @linaburgjeremy I know you’ll like this!



  1. Optimize LinkedIn profile
  2. Create/optimize company page
  3. Connect with people you already know
  4. Start prospecting for referral partners and leads
  5. Engage through content (yours and other people’s) so it’s not salesy
  6. Social Selling - how to take people from LinkedIn to somewhere else

Step #1 Optimize your personal profile

optimize your profile for search…LinkedIn has a good relationship with Google

use keywords in your profile…Google will show in search

  • headline
  • about section – testimonial, what you do, contact details, some calls to action
  • job titles and work experience

Here’s Alan’s profile if you want to connect or take a closer look


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Step #2: Create/optimize company page

  • you can do sponsored posts
  • you can ping employees/VAs to share info if they say they work for company
  • figure out why you want to use it…leads? employees?
  • you can have a call to action button

Here’s Alan’s Chat Marketing page

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Step #3 Connect with people you already know

  • go to the me tab and connect your email system
  • you can invite people via email
  • you can search via college or university or companies
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Step #4 Start prospecting for referral partners and leads


Search tips

  • figure out who you want to connect with
  • go to search box
  • go to advanced search page
  • click people
  • narrow down with filter
  • go to connections filter
  • 6 Degrees of separation…you can go 3 layers deep in LinkedIn --Alan uses 2nd degree
  • show results — narrow down if needed

This gives you a list that you could be introduced to.

Go old-school… ask for an introduction from the person who is connected

Invite people to connect…make reference of people you have in common…be sure to write a note

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Do you have an article or good reference that discusses LInkedIn as a place to meet new people versus the previous use where LinkedIn was only used for connections they already know?


Step #5 Engage through content

personal page…don’t be too salesy…not a place for a hard sell
showcase your expertise…people use LinkedIn as a connection machine

not many people actually post content though so if you do you are ahead of the game!

showcase your knowledge
post questions

build relationships first!

Step #6 Social Selling - orgainic and paid

  • trying to drive business results…it’s okay to say you have stuff available
  • taking people off LinkedIn to do the selling

use search and search for first degree connections

Here’s the link! Get Your LinkedIn 'All Star' Profile Badge in 5 Days

great conversation today about LinkedIn @ruthbinman and @alan


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