🚨 NOT a headline we should be seeing Black Friday week!

X’s CEO Acknowledges That Some Advertisers Have Paused Spending is not a headline we should be seeing in one of the biggest retail weeks of the year!

Linda Yaccarion CEO of X acknowledged that some advertisers are taking a break after the outrage over antisemitic content and commentary – some endorsed by Elon Musk.

Apple, IBM, Comcast, Warner Bros., Paramount among X advertisers pausing spending after their ads were showing up next to white nationalists and Nazi content and Musk amplified antisemitic conspiracy theories on X.

Taking the temperature…anyone changing anything?

Makes sense that they are pausing spending on X due to what Elon has been recently saying. I don’t think that they have paused spending in general, just on X.

Not many brands want to be associated with that, even if it is black friday/cyber monday.

I always found Twitter ads quite challenging for smaller businesses, they need the big businesses if they are going to have an advertising model. Do you think they can make up the difference from subscriptions?