New Tool: "Facebook Classes"

Facebook pushed out a notification for a new “Facebook Classes” tool to users.

There doesn’t seem to be much online about this topic, but this is what we’ve learned:

  • The program is described as a “product that lets you reach more students and make money teaching classes, all without having to switch tools.”

  • It appears to be invite-only and will feature an instructor community, dedicated support (coaching and product support), the ability to charge for classes via paid online events

  • It is unclear if this will be an LMS-like tool on Facebook or if the tool is designed to integrate with existing LMS tools. (the landing page does mention tools to engage with students such as “video rooms, polls, breakout rooms and chat.”)

What do you think? Did anyone else get the notification to apply???

Great minds think alike! Both you and @phylliskhare posted this

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@lori I know you got access to this…would love to hear a report on how it’s going!

Yes! I’m in the program! it’s actually really nice. The program mentioned above is an invite only … and we had to do an application and get approved to be in the program. We have been having training on how to use FB to host our classes … as well as a dedicated tech support line where we can report our issues & bugs and get them fixed (so we’re a bit like the test crew for them). Weekly support calls. We provide feedback each time we teach so they can continue to improve what they offer.

Facebook classes are available to everyone from what I understand. Your business page can create an event that is either a single class or a series. You can teach either via FB Live (no limit on attendees) or via Messenger Video Rooms (limited to 25 attendees). You can host free or paid classes and accept payment right on FB. I have only taught via Messenger Rooms which is actually really awesome. It is a lot like zoom… I can share screen, share audio (there are a few dance and exercise instructors in the program). I can record, have breakout rooms, polls. Once people register and pay they are added to a class messenger chat so it makes it easy to “message the class.” I can control if only I can do that or if anyone can.

They do not have a functionality to collect info like zoom does… but I work around that by offering an amazing freebie to go along with my training that they have to fill out a form and give me their email address to receive ;).

Hit me up with any questions!


Thanks for sharing the details! Sounds super easy and interesting!

Thanks for this info! I joined the private group but am just lurking for now. What topic are you teaching via Facebook?

My wheelhouse is content creation. My facebook classes are some facet of that. My last one was on how Profitable Profiles. My next one is Content Creation Sprint: Creating Content Should Not be Like Running a Marathon.